Cyclists Welcome

There's a new condo conversion in town, and it caught my eye recently as I was walking by. It wasn't the building itself, although it's certainly an attractive building, inside and out.


Rather, it was the cycleway adjacent to the building...

Painted green, like Portland's bike boxes and through-lanes. This cycleway leads through a secure gate, towards the back of the building... the feature that caught my eye in the first place...

A neon bicycle at the end of the cycleway, designating the building's bicycle storage room. Cyclists in New York have struggled for years to find safe parking for their bicycles, with many building owners steadfastly refusing to allow bicycles in their buildings, to the point that New York is considering implementing tough new legislation requiring building owners to provide bicycle parking spaces in buildings. Here in Portland, buildings are decidedly more friendly towards cyclists. Even so, it's still exciting to see this level of attention to detail when it comes to bicycle parking space; it's the kind of finishing touch that really says "cyclists welcome." Bravo, Gallery!

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It has been a legal requirement for several decades for housing in the Netherlands to be built with secure ground floor cycle parking:
# Posted By David Hembrow | 1/20/09 8:32 AM
It is very difficult to find places where we can securely park our bicycles. On sideways, we usually put chains on our bikes and tie it up on a post. I wish there's a place like this in our country.
# Posted By Jack Joel | 2/21/11 8:08 AM
Now that is a beautiful path layout for bicycles, I have to say! Everything is perfectly done including the overall structure of the way the bicycle path is setup. The neon bicycle light is simply outstanding and it would have been great if you snapped the same during the night. I have seen a similar setup near my hometown but the beautiful layout of path is missing and instead of neon, they have used LEDs.
# Posted By Joes | 6/5/11 4:30 AM
Love bike riding. Unfortunately here in Vermont it's too cold and snowy, but spring will soon be here!
# Posted By Arg | 3/1/13 12:52 PM
I'm a huge bike fan and haven't come across this webite before. I'm really enjoying it. Wish you'd update more often.
# Posted By Vernon | 3/15/13 2:13 AM