It's A Race Against Time

 It’s a race against time.

Winter is almost here, but judging by the temperatures outside, winter has already arrived. Despite temperatures in the low teens (the kind of unusual weather occurrences one might expect to see if, say, we were experiencing global climate change), we’ve had sunny blue skies, with not a hint of precipitation, so no snow in Portland.


I know it’s coming. I’ve known it’s coming since summer, and planned accordingly, carefully planning every detail of my ice bike. Last year, snow fell on December 20. And fell. And fell. And fell. The streets were heavy with snow, and when it got compacted by traffic, the streets became heavy with ice—and because the temperatures remained below freezing, the streets remained heavy with ice for weeks.

Not to be deterred, I ventured out on the icy streets on my bike, carefully walking it down the slope of the hill I live on until I reached flat ground. Then I turned around, walked back up the hill, and brought my bike back inside; the ice was waaay too slippery for me to even attempt to get on the bike.

This year, I vowed, I would be ready.

I’m not ready.

But I have ordered a badass set of studded tires from Peter White Cycles. When I mentioned my ice bike project to Bob, I received this response:

please, please, please let me know when you are headed out by bike in the snow as I am sensing a youtube moment and I would want to be there to capture the show.

Will there be a Youtube moment, or will I conquer the icy streets of Portland? Stay tuned for a full report. For now, the only question is whether the Nokians will arrive before the first snowfall.

It’s a race against time.

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hey, I was so much intrigued when I read this article! I wonder what has come of your crazy (in a good sense of cource!) ice bike idea??? I didn't manage to find anything on youtube or by search and feel so sad about it(( I am so curious!!!
# Posted By Vlad | 7/4/11 6:51 AM