On the Road: The Velologue Cyclist Interview with Justin Teisl


Name: Justin Teisl
Age: 29
City: San Francisco, California
Occupation: Barista

Date: September 24, 2012
Location: Aptos, California
Bike: Surley Long Haul Trucker

I was at a café in Aptos, just off California’s Highway 1. Parked outside was a fully-loaded Long Haul Trucker; seated inside was a cyclist with a pannier, a map, and a cell phone—obviously the Surley's rider.

We talked a bit. He was on a 6 day trip from San Francisco to Big Sur and back—2 days riding to Big Sur, two days camping, and two days on the return leg. The best part of the trip? Camping in Big Sur. I’d just been to Big Sur myself, and that part of the California coast must be one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The worst part? The cold ride on the first night of his return home, with the poison oak he picked up from stealth camping coming in second. Fortunately, he had brought (or bought) some Calamine lotion.

Thanks for taking the time to talk, Justin, and may all your rides be as enjoyable as your early autumn ride to Big Sur!

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